Branding your vehicle or fleet creates a lasting impression on the thousands of other commuters as you drive.
Branding your vehicle makes great use of your vehicle's surfaces, making your fleet a group of moving billboards!

We offer the following Vehicle Branding Solutions: Vehicle Wraps A vehicle wrap is when the entire vehicle is covered in one big advert for your company, whether it's a new product being launched, or just to make potential clients aware of your company. This is definitely one of the more powerful ways to advertise.

Cut Vinyl Lettering
The next best thing after a wrap - colourful cut letters that don't damage your vehicle and will also stand out to thousands of potential customers, should your company details change, simply remove the part that needs changing and apply the new letter work without removing everything.
These are easy enough to apply, either by you or one of our expert applicators.

Vehicle Magnets
Vehicle magnets are removable and fully re-usable. You choose when you want to advertise. These are durable in most weather conditions and can fit on any of your company vehicles.
Mine Spec Identification decals are also available.

Taking Care of your Mobile Billboard:
Vehicle Wraps & Cut Vinyl Lettering:
Wash your vehicle regularly by hand. Normal soap and water is fine. Please stay away from machine operated car washes, as well as pressure washers.
Vehicle Magnets: Ensure that your magnets are fitted to a flat surface of the vehicle, i.e the magnet must not have an open space between the vehicle and magnet.
Refrain from sticking the magnet over any sharp edges or plastic trim protruding from the vehicle.
Before applying your magnet, make sure the vehicle is clean and dust free (wipe with a cloth), as well as the back of the magnet.