We supply and Manufacture aluminium profiles and Pylons, which are mainly used for wayfinding, but can be customised to suit your needs.

Vista System

Also known as MCFT (Modular Curved Technology), offers the best of both worlds by providing the consumer with all advantages of a modern modular system, while at the same time, providing a custom solution for the unique requirements of each project, the result, a modular system with a custom fabricated look and capabilities.
MCFT offers flexibility when it comes to budgeting, by offering the ability to adjust the cost according to the level of customization.


Co-Sign can be used for door & wall plates, and both single & double sided protruding & suspended signs. Co-Sign offers limitless choices and creations depending on the specific requirements of the interior.
These two systems are widely used in Hospitals, Hotels and Large Office Parks, Shopping Centres and Malls.